London, Pushkin House

Pushkin House

Shostakovich Song-Cycles:
A New Appreciation

29th September 2007

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Lewis Owens

First sesion:

Hélène Bernatchez 'Seriously Ridiculous and Ridiculously Serios: Captain Ledyadkin's Advanced Philosophy'

Michael Mishra 'The Suite on Verses of Michaelangelo: A Cycle of Death or a Cycle of Life?'

Second sesion:

Henny van der Groep ‘Halkin, Weinberg and Shostakovich: Brothers in arms’

Alan Mercer ‘Blok and Shostakovich: Secret Signs’

Third sesion:

Marina Frolova-Walker (Keynote speaker) ‘Shostakovich's Songs: Meaning Lost and Found’


Shostakovich's "Satiry" opus 109,
Tanya Sirotina, soprano
Tanya Ursova, piano

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Alan Mercer
Blok songs - Shostakovich
Publik Hélène Bernatchez Michael Mishra John Riley
Henny van der Groep
Shmuel Halkin
Alan Mercer & Paul Ingram
Michael Mishra
Grand piano
Tanya Sirotina
Grand piano
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