Goldsmiths University of London

Goldsmiths University of London

Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre

Goldsmiths University of London

Tuesday 26 September 2006

History, Politics & Style


Marina Frolova-Walker, Shostakovich's neoclassicism
Laurent Slaars
, Against Soviet anti-Semitism
Elena Dubinets, Shostakovich through émigré eyes


Film and Theatre
(chair: Kristian Hibberd)


Gregg Render, Two film composers' responses to Stalin
John Riley, Shostakovich and Stalin at the movies
Guiseppe Montemagno, Carla Fracci's Hamlet


History, Politics & Style
(chair: Elena Dubinets)


Constance Dee, The Seventh Symphony in WW II Britain (Michael Mishra)
Michael Mishra, Stephan Razin, Babi Yar and 'style russe'
Yulia Kreinin, Shostakovich and Lutoslawski


Book Presentation
(chair: Alexander Ivashkin)


Olga Dombrovkaya, Pages of Shostakovich's life in photographs


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  Exhibition Exhibition  
Public Public Noëlle Mann, Alexander Ivashkin & Anatole Leikin Public
Anatole Leikin & Vladimir Orlov
Michael Mishra
Vladimir Orlov Anatole Leikin & Levon Hakopian
Anatole Leikin Levon Hakopian Marina Frolova-Walker
Noëlle Mann
Laurent Slaars Laurent Slaars Elena Dubinets
Elena Dubinets Alexander Ivashkin
Kristian Hibberd & Gregg Render
Kristian Hibberd
John Riley Vladimir Orlov & Nathan Seinen
Guiseppe Montemagno
Michael Mishra Yulia Kreinin Olga Dombrovkaya & Alexander Ivashkin
Public Public Levon Hakopian & Ivan Sokolov

Council Chamber
Deptford Town Hall

Council Chamber, Deptford Town Hall

Wednesday 27 September 2006

Life & Documents
(chair: Miranda Wilson)


Olga Dombrovskaya, Mysteries of the Ninth Quartet
Olga Digonskaya, Unkonwn Shostakovich manuscripts
Anna Fortunova, Shostakovich the conductor
Alexander Ivashkin, Shostakovich, minimalists and old believers


Genres & Aeshetics
(chair: Elizabeth Wilson)


Ivan Sokolov, The riddle of the Viola Sonata
William Quillen, Shostakovich's late 'simfonizm'
Miranda Wilson, Quotation in the Second Cello Concerto


Theory & Analysis
(chair: Laurent Slaars)


Mike Rofe, Structural similarity of the Fourth and Fifth Symphonies
Simon Desbrusiais, Fugal perspectives
Anatole Leikin, Cyclical features in the 24 Preludes Op. 34


Theory & Analysis
(chair: John Riley)


Richard von Foerster, DSCH in the Eigth Quartet
David Castro, Shostakovich's sonata forms
Kristian Hibberd, Narrative Structure in the 15th Quartet: A Chronotopic Interpretation


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Council Chamber, Deptford Town Hall
Miranda Wilson & Olga Dombrovskaya Olga Dombrovskaya Olga Digonskaya
Olga Digonskaya
Anna Fortunova Miranda Wilson & Anna Fortunova Robert Nichols Miranda Wilson & Alexander Ivashkin
Anna Fortunova Alexander Ivashkin Alexander Ivashkin
Public Public Miranda Wilson & Martin Anderson
Jada Watson Michael Mishra Richard Pleak
  Elizabeth Wilson & Ivan Sokolov Ivan Sokolov  
Elizabeth Wilson The riddle of the Viola Sonata
Elizabeth Wilson & Ivan Sokolov
William Quillen Quotation in the Second Cello Concerto Miranda Wilson
Structural similarity of the Fourth and Fifth Symphonies Mike Rofe Simon Desbrusiais Anatole Leikin
Richard von Foerster Laurent Slaars David Castro
  John Riley
Kristian Hibberd
Council Chamber, Deptford Town Hall